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Dick Ling’s Wacky World of Cartooning is a compilation of more than 60 years of cartoons created and published by me, Dick Ling, the world’s least-known cartoonist. I published my first cartoon, a fighter jet in the children's section of Central Daily News in Taipei, Taiwan when I was a second-grader or about 9 years old in 1953. From then on, I knew I was destined to be a cartoonist.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in Taiwan, I moved to the US in 1971 and received a master’s degree in architecture in 1974. Although I was a licensed architect in California I continued pursuing my lifelong passion for cartooning at the same time. In 1982, I started contributing editorial cartoons to Orinda News, which I continue doing to this day.


I have never received any formal training in cartooning. I developed my style of cartoons and gag ideas from the legendary cartoonist from Taiwan, Brother Cow  ( 牛哥), and US influences such as  Charles Schultz, Mad Magazine, Playboy, and other comedies and cartoons on TV. I often use animals or objects to relate funny or conflicting human behavior. I did not know it then but later I developed my cartoon style in satire, surrealism, dark humor, and slapstick comedy; in other words, it was a little naughty, crazy, or simply wacky.  

A glance at my life in cartooning can be found in this YouTube link:



Interested? Let me welcome you to my Wacky World of Cartooning, please press NEXT below and enjoy.

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